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Per ogni ulteriore dubbio o richiesta siamo sempre a disposizione del cliente!

  • Why use a PoC radio instead of a cell phone?
    There are several reasons to prefer the use of a Push to Talk over Cellular (POC) radio over a mobile phone in certain contexts. Here are some of the main reasons: Instant communication: The POC radio offers instant communication with the "Push to Talk" function. You can press a button and instantly start a conversation with a group or individual without having to dial a number or wait for a connection. Communication groups: The POC radio is ideal for group communication. You can create user groups and communicate with all members simultaneously. This functionality is particularly useful in sectors such as security, emergency or logistics, where fast and effective communication between team members is essential. Toughness and Durability: POC radios are designed to be tough and suitable for use in the workplace or outdoors. They're often built to meet water, dust, and shock resistance standards, making them better suited than a traditional cell phone to demanding situations. Battery Life: POC radios are designed to have longer battery life than cell phones. This is especially important in situations where you may have to rely on constant communication for extended periods of time without access to a top-up.
  • Why prefer a PoC radio to a traditional radio?
    There are several reasons to prefer a Push to Talk over Cellular (POC) radio over a traditional radio. Here are some key benefits of POC radios: Wider coverage: POC radios use the cellular network for communication, allowing you to communicate over long distances without geographical restrictions. Unlike traditional radios, which are limited to broadcast tower coverage, POC radios can operate virtually anywhere there is a stable cellular connection. Flexibility and Mobility: POC radios function as mobile devices, similar to a smartphone. This means you can instantly communicate with other POC users wherever you are, without having to depend on a single frequency or specific coverage area. You can also use other features of mobile devices, such as voice calls, SMS or Internet access. Additional Features: POC radios often offer a variety of additional features, such as instant messaging, GPS tracking, image and file sharing, and conversation logging. These functions can be extremely useful in work or emergency situations. Reduced Costs: POC radios can reduce operating costs compared to traditional radios. There is no need to invest in expensive infrastructure, such as broadcast towers, or pay for frequency licenses. Also, cellular network plans can be cheaper than traditional radio services. Integrate with other systems: POC radios can be integrated with other business communication systems, such as telephone exchanges or monitoring systems. This integration allows for more efficient communication and better collaboration within an organization.
  • If I don't have 4G coverage where I am, how can I communicate?
    There are various solutions to the absence of 4G signal. First of all, we can recommend multi-operator cards able to allow, where there is a lack of signal, to have more chances of hooking up to a telephone repeater. In the case of indoor environments, however, we can develop an ad hoc Wi-Fi network that allows the use of POC radios even without a telephone network. In the most extreme cases, however, solutions such as 4G repeater bridges or even satellites capable of intercepting the telephone network anywhere can be adopted.
  • Is there a need to train personnel in the use of POC radios?
    POC radios are characterized by their ease of use. In fact, once turned on, just press the PTT button to communicate with others. We also supply manuals for each Easyptt application and can train, if required, the personnel who will be using our system.
  • Can I use my mobile phone as a POC radio?
    Yes, it is possible and useful above all in cases in which other applications on the mobile phone are used to work. We have external Bluetooth microphones or headsets which, by connecting to the mobile phone, allow you to communicate with the classic PTT key.
  • I already have an analogue radio system, can I integrate it with your system?
    Yes, through the use of a Gateway we can interface our Easyptt system with your existing analogue radios.
  • I use the radios only in the summer season, is it possible to rent them or activate the licenses only when necessary?
    Yes, we can activate and deactivate licenses according to your needs. We also offer a radio rental service from one week to 6 months.
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